Children Aren’t Lazy

Sitting here watching a netflix documentary, I hear a teacher identify a student as "lazy" while comparing him to another young man who had better grades. Children aren't lazy they lack the interest or motivation to participate in certain activities.  This was the first year in my teaching career that I moved up with my... Continue Reading →

The bad student

I was asked to collaborate on a workshop for incoming freshman with my colleagues. We are known for managing our classrooms well and administrators believed that we would be best fit for this particular job. While planning, we decided to have one of our former students come into our room while we were hosting our... Continue Reading →

After the first 6 weeks of school, choose a student once a week and post a picture of them in your classroom. Allow their peers to use post-its to share anonymous positive comments. Don't force students to share. If there are only a few students who choose to share, add some comments too. Allow the... Continue Reading →

It Pays to Pay Attention

We all have our ups and downs and so I can't expect that every single student who walks through my door is ready to learn. There mind can be in a different space, for a number or reasons. This morning a student of mine walked in dressed as if she was going to an interview.... Continue Reading →

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment Speed Mentoring Event at John Jay College of Criminal Justice John Jay College of Criminal Justice. My old stomping ground. I was honored to be invited by my old mentor Ms. Mitchell to Work alongside 29 other purposeful women to mentor young woman, last March. All that talent in one space, I myself,... Continue Reading →

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