Children Aren’t Lazy

Sitting here watching a netflix documentary, I hear a teacher identify a student as "lazy" while comparing him to another young man who had better grades. Children aren't lazy they lack the interest or motivation to participate in certain activities.  This was the first year in my teaching career that I moved up with my... Continue Reading →

Who Will Protect Me Then?

As I walked up the step to Union Square Park, I immediately thought I was in the wrong place. I scanned the crowd and couldn't find anyone who looked like me. I had decided to head downtown to participate in the Vigil for those who suffered during the incident in Charlottesville Virginia just a few... Continue Reading →

Thy Will Be Done

Dear Lord, I pray that you place me and the people around me in a position to be most effective in helping our community. My people are struggling and there is so much work to be done. Continue to open our hearts and eyes, and give us the strength and tools we need to make... Continue Reading →

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