Living The Best Journey Possible

This has been a perfect Thanksgiving break. Everything that could’ve gone right went right and everything that could’ve gone wrong well, it didn’t. Thanksgiving is a difficult time of the year for me. On that evening some years ago, I took my mom to the emergency room, where she unexpectedly went into emergency surgery to remove tumors, which doctors for to be cancer. In less than 24 hours the lives in our family changed forever. Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday it was a time when my mother and I would tag team in the kitchen. I’d prep, and she’d cook. To this day I hate cutting onions! My favorite meal was her lasagna and that homemade cheesecake, and yes it was better than Junior’s.

This is the first Thanksgiving break filled with all laughter and love; No tears of sadness. I have terrific friends and family in my life I always have but I am now starting to pay more attention to them, and I’m trying to understand why I hadn’t done that sooner.

I am a woman of many goals and I wear many hats… always on the go, working towards something, and unless planned I don’t have time for it. My best friend who passed away the same year as my mom started this motto that I live by “eliminate all distractions” If it ain’t about money or helping me grow or accomplish my goals then it needs “ta go.”  In the last few months especially, I was beginning to feel like a robot. Writing down my tasks for the day, meeting after meetings, never deviating from the schedule. If it wasn’t planned, I wasn’t doing it unless someone was in a crisis. Although my hard work yields results, I am getting bored.

Working hard and building an empire does not mean all work and no play. With all of the issues going on in the world, it’s challenging at times to get my mind off of  my contributions to making a difference. I feel that it’s my moral obligation, but I  am learning to detach myself and not take life so seriously. Finally putting to use my book “1001 ways to relax” to use. No, I am not giving up on my goals, but I will be purposefully adding some fun to my life every single day.

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