Can’t Please ’em All

It’s been some time since I’ve posted. With work, school my internship and nonprofit, I’m trying to find the time to wipe my behind. I just wanted to share this because although I’m not religious, I am a real believer in prayer and God.

You ever have something substantial on your mind and get a sign and you just know it’s God?

I was sitting there at the beginning of class wondering about whether leadership is even for me. I had faced some challenges over the past few days and didn’t know whether it was a sign telling me that this path wasn’t for me. I asked myself should I complete my last semester and quit or quit after today. I began to draft my letter and was interrupted by lunchtime. After lunch, we would be presenting our budget portfolios, and so the thoughts of giving up on this leadership program left my mind for a short period.

The end of our presentation was met with an unexpected question from our Professor. It had nothing to do with the content we researched hours upon hours to prepare for this day. “Tell me about the dynamics of your group.” He stated. In other words, our professor wanted to know whether we threw cats and emoji signs at one another before getting the job done. We shared that our group all contributed, and we tried our best to fit all of our ideas somewhere into the project. We did find common ground agreeing that the workload was a bit much. When another group of all women presented, they were asked the same question and shared their challenges with the class. I was shocked with what I heard because they all walked in that morning with smiles on their faces and sat at the table together as usual; even wearing correlated color outfits. They all have type-A personalities making it difficult for them to decide on which avenue to take to get the project done. One woman admitted that she had to take a step back and listen to her peers because she was used to taking the lead, but realized it wasn’t necessary. Another admitted that she did not want to work with her friends, to begin with, because she knew that there would be a possibility of friendships being ruined. In the end, they kissed and made up and got the job done. My Professor then explained why he asked this question, stating that as Principals we are going to be placed in tight situations that may ruin friendships, then shared a story about losing a best friend that he worked with. I thought is God talking to me or nah?! I had recently been through a similar situation and was reflecting on my actions and what I needed to do better for the next time. After class was over, I inquired more about my professor’s story. He explained to me that while Principal his goal was to put the students first. He had a friend that was not meeting the needs or requirements of his position and had a union rep come in to discuss the matter. Although the friend was not fired, and given a warning, the friendship was never the same again. In life, you can’t please everyone he said. I instantly remembered when I a previous post about my former professor identifying me as a people pleaser. Johari’s window… by blind self.  After that conversation, although his situation ended unfavorably I knew that I was going to be ok.

Today for me was just a reminder of how God works. What are the odds of our discussion in finance making a connection to my personal life at that very moment? Working with friends has its pros and cons, but the mission is to make sure that you’re focused on the goal and put personal feelings to the side.

When in doubt pray, plan and execute.

Amen and Amen

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