I ‘m Over Being A People-Pleaser

I was asked to cover a class last minute, to which I declined. I had deadlines to meet and I was already giving up two out of three of my Prep Periods for that day. The next day the administrator who told me to cover the class, explained to me that she was bothered by my response. As an intern, I should jump at any opportunity to show that I’m taking charge and being supportive and a leader. Even after I explained to her that I was working on 3 projects with 3 different teams she felt that because she asked I should’ve just done it.

That struck a nerve. I am constantly supporting others, at times neglecting my duties and needs.  So, for me saying no once out of the million and one times I’ve said yes, I think that I’ve been doing something wrong this whole damn time.  Yes, I am doing my internship but that does not mean I neglect my teacher duties or jump when anyone snaps their fingers. It’s a new school year and I am glad to be setting the tone for what can be expected of me.

It’s funny, someone once called me a people pleaser. I was ok with that because I don’t like to see people struggle. I like to see people smile and be merry. Today, I am learning to create boundaries, for my mental and physical well-being. No one should be made to feel guilty for saying no. I said no because of my tight task-filled schedule that I had planned out for the day, but it woke me up to realize if I don’t create a balance between my wants and needs and the wants and needs of others, I will continue to burn myself out.  I’m over being a people-pleaser.

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