Stop Hating on Others to Make Yourself Look Good.

I was serious about researching the gentleman who is running for city council in my district. When I saw a post online with his face on it I was disappointed in myself, how did I not know who this dude was trying to lead my community.

As soon as I read his about me page I felt the salt in my mouth. Instead of finding out about who he was I was introduced to a rant about him being “hated on” by local politicians, and it being the reason why he didn’t win the seat years ago.

So unclassy. If you have time to write about your haters in such a light, you have too much time on your hands. It reminded me of the bashing commercials that come on during election season which I also hate to see. I dated a Reverend who enjoyed shaming people. It made me think he lacked confidence and in my mind I would always think to myself that’s such a “bitch move” (rolls eyes). It was a turn off. I believe one can win an election being a good-hearted person, if that’s who you truly are. You don’t have to throw people under the bus just to make yourself look good. It’s so corny and it makes it seem like you lack skills, confidence and the ability to get the job done, in my opinion. The time you should be taking to introduce yourself to the world, shouldn’t be time used to degrade others. First impressions matter, and no I didn’t read past the firstfew lines on his about me page. Those are not the people I want to elect as my next representative .

For people who have people like that in their inmediate circle, tell them to humble themselves or exclude them from your life. Trust me you’ll live lighter

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