7 Habits of a Successful Woman

She’s Devoted: She knows nothing worth having comes easy, so she dedicates herself to whatever she starts. She is aware that she will face challenges that may discourage her from continuing, but she always remembers why she started. She’s devoted to doing what she loves. She’s Consistent: She starts at the end goal. Purposefully planning... Continue Reading →

Thy Will Be Done

Dear Lord, I pray that you place me and the people around me in a position to be most effective in helping our community. My people are struggling and there is so much work to be done. Continue to open our hearts and eyes, and give us the strength and tools we need to make... Continue Reading →

Happy Father’s Day to the Realest

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad. He is one of the most authentic people I know. His love is unconditional, which we see less of in this world these days. He created a life of his own that lacks conformity. He created his own happiness. He doesn’t care for other’s thoughts about him. One can... Continue Reading →

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