After the first 6 weeks of school, choose a student once a week and post a picture of them in your classroom. Allow their peers to use post-its to share anonymous positive comments. Don't force students to share. If there are only a few students who choose to share, add some comments too. Allow the... Continue Reading →

It Pays to Pay Attention

We all have our ups and downs and so I can't expect that every single student who walks through my door is ready to learn. There mind can be in a different space, for a number or reasons. This morning a student of mine walked in dressed as if she was going to an interview.... Continue Reading →

Keep Going.

I was feeling so discouraged last night due to the low turnout at our community board meeting. I’ve come to realize that even with great ideas people may not be as passionate about change as I am. I myself am guilty of not following through in other areas of my life and I am making... Continue Reading →

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment Speed Mentoring Event at John Jay College of Criminal Justice John Jay College of Criminal Justice. My old stomping ground. I was honored to be invited by my old mentor Ms. Mitchell to Work alongside 29 other purposeful women to mentor young woman, last March. All that talent in one space, I myself,... Continue Reading →

Miss Independent

Yes. I enjoy my alone time. I love going out by myself as much as I enjoy spending time with family and friends. When I am interested in something I go for it even if it means doing it alone. Independent. Maybe I used the wrong word when my date asked me to describe something... Continue Reading →

Time does not heal all wounds

Waking up at 2am to realize that the emotional pain still lingers. You've moved on so long ago though.  Removed people out of your life, forgave them, you don't even think about the people who caused you that pain. But those triggers... Even long after, those triggers remind you that you have yet to heal.... Continue Reading →

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